by Stephanie Writt

Book Cover: A Future Song

Hadley, a 27-year-old golf ball diver (by day) and electronic DJ (by night), travels over a hundred miles on two hours of sleep to save her younger (by 37 seconds) brother’s rear on a school field trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. He’s the teacher, not a student. Punk hadn’t reached out to her in over a year, but figured it was the new dad thing that had distracted him. Their playful reunion turns murky when a run-through a humpback whale exhibit flips Hadley’s world upside down. Visions. She sees visions in the whale’s music. Under water visions of past disasters. Or are they the future? Thousands of lives depend on Hadley. To save them, will she have to sacrifice the love of her brother?


About the Author

An award winning writer and actor, Stephanie loves to tell stories in all forms and genres and has been writing fiction professionally since 2011.

Adventuring all about the United States, Stephanie has lived at the heart of all theatre in New York City, beneath the burnt orange spires of the Golden Gate and across the street from the white hot beaches and crashing turquoise waves of Maui, Hawaii. She found her place in the rain-forest-like mountains of the pacific northwest. There she writes with a smile on her lips, her heart in her fingertips and at least one furry sidekick on her feet/lap/keyboard.

Stephanie does not use pen names, so all of her published works can be found online with your preferred distributor or at your local bookstore under her name. All of Stephanie’s published titles are scheduled to become available in paperback, eBook, and audio.

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